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Host: A derogitory term used to refer to people who choose to enter into a symbiotic relationship with a creature known as a symbiot.

Blended: A name for a person whose chooses to enter a symbiotic relationship with a symbiot.(Originally Deragatory.)

Once the Blended had been well on their way in becoming an off shoot of humanity, but humans grew to fear them and so there  homeworld was attacked and most of the Blended were erradicated but a small band of refugee's managed to escape the genocide with a single symbiot queen. Now the desendents of these survivors live amoung humans, some are known while others still choose to live in secret. The treatment of the blended and the segratory laws that govern them vary from world to world, but they are tolerated on most human worlds. Thorough attempts were made to erradicate the location of the Blended s homesworld, now nearly 6,000 years later it is little more than a legend.

Rahven payed cash for his Chili dog at the corner store and headed out into the cool morning air. 3 years had passed since the accident that had trapped him in this time. He jumped into his Mustange GT and expertly moved the car out onto the main road. He had done well for himself in this time, were diseases seemed to run ramped everywhere dispite the medicines these peope claimed to posses.

Thats how he had made his living, it had been difficult getting what he had needed to extract the nessisary antibodies and enzymes from his blood, but once he had, it had not been difficult to turn it into a powerful antibiotic. Independent research had showed that it was effective at combating The Common Cold, The Flu, Broncitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, E-coli, and many other diseases. Also it had been proven to drastically slow the progession of HIV and many Cancers.


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